3 advantages of getting a green roof for your company

Green roofs are becoming more and more popular, particularly in urban areas, where they can seem like an oasis in the desert. A basic green roof will include a waterproofing membrane, a growing medium and low vegetation. A more sophisticated green roof may include a root barrier, an irrigation system and larger plants or trees.

Green roofs have advantages that extend far beyond beauty and exotic appeal, particularly when installed on a commercial building. In this article, our commercial roof restoration specialists present the advantages of a company getting a green roof.

1 – Getting a green roof shows that your organization cares about the environment

Customers today aren’t just looking for high-quality goods and services. They want a particular image, and they make choices that reflect their values. If you want your business to stand out to environmentally-conscious people and organizations, getting a green roof is a good investment. Green roofs have extraordinary environmental benefits.

Better rainwater management

Green roofs absorb almost 80% of rainwater through the vegetation, soil and drainage layer. The water will then get soaked up by the plants, run off through the drainage layer or simply evaporate.

This process delays the flow of rainwater into the storm sewer system, stabilizing groundwater levels, decreasing the peak load on the sewer system and reducing the risk of flooding. It also purifies the rainwater.

Increased biodiversity

Vegetation on a green roof can provide an ideal habitat for various species of birds, butterflies and insects, particularly in an urban area that is mostly concrete and asphalt.

Improved air quality

Green roofs can combat air pollution. The plants filter the harmful particles and gases emitted by cars and factories.

Mitigating the heat island effect

Green roofs reflect more sunlight and absorb less heat than traditional materials. They can help cool down urban areas in summer.

2 – Getting a green roof provides your employees with better working conditions

If you want to be able to recruit new candidates with ease, you need to take care of your employees. Getting a green roof is a good way to increase worker satisfaction and can even have a positive effect on efficiency!

Reducing ambient noise outside and inside the building

Vegetation provides excellent acoustic insulation for roofs, because it absorbs sound waves. It has been proven that a 12 cm thick layer of vegetation can reduce airborne sound by almost 40 dB.

A green roof can act as an acoustic barrier for your building. It will absorb sound and provide a quieter environment both inside and outside your building.

More leisure space

A green roof provides additional space that can be used to create a vegetable garden, a terrace, or kept as a pleasant natural environment.

With a new open-air space dedicated to leisure, meetings or relaxation, your employees will be happier at work.

3 – Getting a green roof can save you money in the long run

Although getting a green roof usually costs more up front than a traditional roof, even with the RénoVert tax credit, there are several economic advantages that can offset the costs.

More energy efficient

Increasing the R-value (a measure of a material’s resistance to heat flow) of the roofing system and lowering the roof temperature reduces the building’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning needs, resulting in significant energy savings.

This also means that heating and air conditioning systems will last longer, because they will undergo less strain.

Over its estimated 40-year lifespan (another benefit), a green roof could save nearly $200,000, with nearly two-thirds of that coming from reduced energy costs. Of course, the benefits of each green roof depend on design, geographic location, environment and the building itself.

Increased property value

A green roof can also increase the property value, particularly in urban areas where green space is scarce.

With its 40-year lifespan, a green roof is an excellent selling point, because the future owner will probably not need to do any commercial roof repairs for a long time! The long lifespan is due to the fact that the waterproofing membrane is protected from UV rays and extreme heat by the plant cover.

Les Couvreurs Duro-Toit answer your questions about green roofs

The increasing popularity of green roofs is not going to lose steam any time soon. They provide so many advantages for commercial buildings that they will continue to proliferate in big cities like Montreal.

If you are interested in installing a green roof on your property, don’t hesitate to contact us. Les Couvreurs Duro-Toit can help you through the process, with services such as inspecting your roof to see if it is designed in a way that can accommodate a green roof.


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