Emergency Roof Repair Service for Commercial Roofs

In Quebec, commercial buildings and their roofs are vulnerable to damage from severe weather or other unforeseen events.

Regardless of what caused the damage to your commercial roof, it is essential to seek quick and efficient repairs to prevent it from disrupting your business.

Enter: our emergency roof repair service! We can restore your commercial roof’s appearance and condition following a severe storm, fire, structural failure or any other incident. When disaster strikes, you can count on our professional roofers to act fast and get your business back up and running in no time.

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Don’t let a disaster disrupt your business

Natural disasters and other unforeseen emergencies can have serious financial repercussions for business owners. Roofing problems can force businesses to shut down operations temporarily or even relocate.

At Les Couvreurs Duro-Toit, our wide range of commercial roof repair services help managers and employees weather the storm and bounce back after a disaster.

Emergency commercial roof repair process

Commercial roof inspection after a disaster

Our roofers can conduct an emergency commercial roof inspection to temporarily repair the roof and accurately assess the damage.

After this consultation, you will know exactly what steps to take, what materials are needed and the cost to permanently repair your damaged roof.

If the damage to your commercial roof is extensive, we can also help you file a claim with your insurance company.

Installation of temporary waterproof barriers

Before repairing your roof, we will install temporary waterproof barriers (e.g. tarps) to prevent water from leaking into your factory, warehouse, office building, restaurant or other commercial building.

This solution prevents further water damage to the building and allows your staff to work safely until the roof is fully repaired.

Full repair of damaged commercial roof

Commercial roofs differ from residential roofs in many ways. They are generally much larger and may even include mechanical building components, such as ventilation systems and chimneys.

Repairing them after a disaster or emergency can therefore require specialized methods, including:

  • Repair of roof structure and decking
  • Replace ventilation systems
  • Replace waterproof membranes
  • Replace damaged insulation
  • And more.
We are specialists in all of the above commercial roof repairs. Our experts offer turnkey service which cuts down on the time and number of people involved.

Need emergency commercial roof repair? Contact us ASAP

If you’re looking for a roof repair service that’s well-equipped for the needs of Greater Montreal businesses, look no further than Les Couvreurs Duro-Toit.

Contact us and describe the details of your situation. Our team will act immediately to limit the disaster’s impact on your business. We handle emergency calls throughout the North Shore, South Shore and Montreal region.

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