Elastomeric membrane: the best choice for your roofs

Whether you have a residential or commercial roof, with flat or sloped roof, we advise you to consider all the advantages offered by the elastomeric membrane!

This finishing membrane adopts a so-called bilayer structure, that is to say that it is composed of two layers:

  • A base layer, required for the installation of the coating,
  • A topcoat, usually covered with fine ceramic granules whose color you can choose.

The elastomeric membrane is particularly famous and extremely popular in Montreal and its surroundings. Its success lies in its high reliability. Once the two layers of the membrane fused with the torch or cold, the latter becomes ultra-resistant and able to withstand particularly extreme moisture conditions. A definite advantage when considering Canada's harsh winters.

It is not by chance that we find this type of membrane on many roofs and that new buildings adopt it from the start.

At Les Couvreurs Duro-Toit, we strongly advise you to choose the elastomeric membrane, for several reasons:


All the advantages of the elastomeric membrane

A simple and effective installation

It should be kept in mind that most waterproofing membranes do not fit in all conditions. Indeed, the weather must be relatively mild the day of their installation. In most cases, it is therefore not in winter that we should consider installing a membrane on its commercial or residential roofs but indeed during the spring season.

The particularity of the elastomeric membrane is that its installation is very flexible and much simpler than the other membranes! This type of membrane can be considered during winter as well as summer. At any time, you can call professional roofers at Les Couvreurs Duro-Toit to install an elastomeric membrane on your roof.

Depending on the characteristics of the roof, we can use two specific techniques:

  • Hot Melting: the two layers, base and finish, are fused with a torch by an experienced roofer;
  • Cold laying: Each layer contains self-adhesive parts that simply need to be connected together.

The cold installation has the advantage of avoiding the risk of fire. This is a choice that is often offered in cases where your home is old.

The durability of this type of coating

Let it be said, the costs of installing an elastomeric membrane are generally more expensive than asphalt for example, but it is an investment that will prove much more sustainable in the long term! The high strength of this type of double layer membranes can lead to them lasting up to 30 or 35 years depending on the type of roof.

When this coating is properly installed by a roofer, its durability makes it one of the best membrane on the market.

The resistance of an elastomeric membrane roof

As mentioned above, the weather conditions in Canada and Quebec are particularly extreme: many storms, thunderstorms, rain, snowfall, volatile temperatures. It is not uncommon to reach -40 ° C in winter, and 40 ° C in summer, which represents a temperature variation of nearly 80 ° C!

However, we must know that the elastomeric membrane is perfect for Quebec roofs. This coating supports both freezing temperatures and hot weather. Thus, your elastomeric membrane will protect your home at all times and will remain of good quality in the long term thanks to its tightness and robustness.

The Maintenance

Generally, roofing coatings require very regular maintenance to ensure their durability. On the other hand, the elastomeric membrane requires little maintenance when its installation has been correctly carried out.

Of course, we recommend that you regularly inspect your roof to prevent damage to your elastomeric membrane and preserve you from more expensive repairs.


The elastomeric membrane also has insulating properties that do not radiate summer heat into your home. So you spend cooler summers and suffer less problems related to heat events if your roof is equipped with this type of membranes. This membrane will marry wonderfully with a white roof!


The elastomeric membrane offers a neat aestheticism that can be easily seen. You can choose the color to keep a visual appearance with your entire home (red, white, gray, black, green, beige, brown etc.). This type of membrane therefore adopts the look you want!

Would you like to take advantage of the elastomeric membrane and discuss its installation on your roof? Contact Les Couvreurs Duro-Toit for a quote and a quick appointment!

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