Flat Roofers

Les Couvreurs Duro-Toit stand out for the quality of their work and their work ethic. Our clients benefit from professional services and customized advice that ensure the best solution, taking into account their budget and the reults to be achieved. We are recognized as specialists in waterproofing solutions and optimizing flat-roof systems, both in the residential and commercial markets. We have certifications that attest to our meeting industry standards, while manufacturers recognize our expertise in performing the work. So if you are planning to refurbish your flat roof, talk to our technical consultants. They know how to maximize your investment so that your roof lasts as long as possible and is covered by manufacturers' warranties.

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Our roofing experts master the latest waterproofing products and installation methods by means of SOPREMA's PAQ + S training program, which allows us us to offer the Platinum warranty. SOPREMA judges our flat-roof roofers to be experts in the application of their waterproofing systems.


Our flat-roof roofers are certified by Carlisle, a leading manufacturer of EPDM and TPO membranes. Our installations meet their requirements thanks to our high-quality work and compliance with their warranty conditions. This certification allows us to offer additional guarantees (total system).

Ventilation Maximum

Our roofers are trained on an on-going basis to keep abreast of new techniques and innovations in ventilation. These improvements ensure the best possible installation which can avoid the ventilation problems of different roofing systems.

CAA Habitation

CAA Habitation recommends Les Couvreurs Duro-Toit because it stands out in the industry as a result of its high customer satisfaction ratings for quality of work, rapid call responses, and compliance with delivery dates .

Roofers for Flat Roofs

We support continuing education of our roofing experts. Our workforce is specially trained to carry out all flat-roof refurbishment projects. Their many certifications assure our customers that the work will be done in a way that maximizes the durability of the covering and the integrity of their buildings. In addition, our 35 roofing experts hold competency cards and have many years of experience in their respective fields. Our teams are categorized according to their specializations, which ensures that the right roofing experts are assigned to each project. That is how our flat-roof roofers excel in both residential and commercial work. In addition, our experts know how to meet all eventualities thanks to their respective specialties: either for laying asphalt shingles, membrane, sheet metal, or exterior covering. In order to provide comprehensive services, our team is composed of experts in the following areas:

  • Tinsmiths specializing in the production and installation of sheet metal for flat roofs.
  • Engineering consultants who know all of the flat-roof systems.
  • Estimators qualified to bid on new construction plans.
  • Security officer who assures accident prevention on construction sites.
  • Office personnel who coordinate customer service, work sites, and billing.
  • Service personnel certified to deal with urgent roofing repairs.

Working in Your Interests

All team members value a code of ethics that promotes professionalism, efficiency, safety, continuous improvement, courteous customer service, and involvement in every project. We work together in the interests of our customers to balance your budget with the results you expect. We are committed to each project, because our success depends on your satisfaction. You can see the quality work of our team in our flat roof achievements.

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