Flat roofs require particular attention as to the de-icing of storm drains and openings. Roofers know how to identify and properly maintain all components of flat roofs. By entrusting this work to us, you are assured of the thoroughness of the snow removal in addition to being protected should a problem arise. We use a steam machine for de-icing to do a fast and efficient job without ever damaging your flat roof.

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Toiture plate et membrane élastomère

What is an Elastomeric Membrane for Flat Roofs?

 27 February 2024
Flat roofs are a common feature of modern commercial buildings, as they are both practical and visually attractive. Over time, roofing technology has[...]
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Toiture en membrane EPDM

What is EPDM Roofing?

 9 February 2024
EPDM roofing membrane is an innovative and durable roof covering that is the solution of choice for flat and low-slope roofs. This type[...]
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How to Manage Snow Accumulation on a Roof

 20 January 2024
Winter has arrived in Quebec, and beautiful white snow along with it. But picturesque winter scenes can quickly turn into a concern when[...]
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