Safety at work

Les Couvreurs Duro-Toit ensure the safety of their employees, suppliers, and customers. Prevention is a core value that we take to each roofing project. Our company is classified as an Elite Partner by the APCHQ Prevention Mutual. This award affirms that our team members are committed at all times to workplace safety. We are proud to offer our residential and commercial customers services executed in respect of the highest industry standards. No matter how complex your roof, rest assured that our roofers have all the skills needed for working at heights.

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Prevention and Safety Program

Our employees are trained in a comprehensive prevention program. They know how to detect, analyze, avoid, and reduce the risk of accidents to their physical safety and that of their coworkers and anyone nearby.

Prevention at the Sourc

Eliminating hazards can prevent accidents at the source. Our team has the expertise to control hazards on the site. Such prevention is the most effective form of workplace safety.

Workplace Safety Equipment

t all times, our roofers must work diligently using their safety harnesses, lifelines, helmets, goggles, gloves, and other work-safety equipment.


Certifications from prevention mutuals identify businesses that adopt responsible behavior in terms of safety. Les Couvreurs Duro-Toit is among the companies recognized by the APCHQ for their diligence in this area.

Continuous Training in Occupational Safety

Les Couvreurs Duro-Toit enforce a continuous development program in safety. Each week our Security Officer visits the work sites to raise awareness among our employees. Once on the scene, he inspects security measures and trains employees on a different aspect of working at heights. This approach makes sure of the following:

  • Employees are aware of the risks of the job.
  • Wearing safety equipment is mandatory (safety harnesses)
  • The premises are safe.
  • The prevention program is known to all.
  • Prevention methods are applied to the letter.
  • Our employees are kept informed of work safety.
  • Safety equipment is worn: harnesses, lifelines, etc.
  • Each workplace pays attention to details.


We know that prevention extends to the environment by considering every detail of the property. Protecting your property is an important element of safety. If your property is landscaped, includes a solarium, swimming pool, or other feature, our roofers will make sure to properly secure everything. Upon arrival, they will analyze the site to determine the best means of prevention and protection. If necessary, they will set up trestles over flowers and wooden frames overlain with canvas. Thereafter, they will clear any clutter that could affect the safe execution of the work on your sloped roof. This temporary protection will protect the beauty of the property and prevent damage. In that way, our roofers will respect your property and the highest levels of workplace safety at the same time. At the very end, you will not have noticed our presence, except for the considerable improvement to your roof that we will leave behind.

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