Sloping roof services

Roofing is one of the most important part of a building and it must not be neglected. Its maintenance is therefore essential. Which is why it is advisable to call a sloped roof specialist such as Les couvreurs Duro-Toit. All members of our team have the expertise, qualifications, and all required certifications for professional and quality work. Safety is our number one priority. Sloped roofs are complex in shape, structure or type of material. So, whether your roof is single-sided, two-sided or four-sided, with skylights, turrets, whether in L or T, Les couvreurs Duro-Toit’s roofers are trained to offer you the best service in the roofing industry in Montreal. Les couvreurs Duro-Toit holds all professional certifications available and is a CAA-Quebec-recommended company. Working in Laval, Montreal, North Shore, and South Shore, Duro-Toit deploys their teams to serve the Greater Metropolitan Area.

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Sloped roof ventilation

Ventilation is an integral part of your building's roofing system. It is crucially important for preserving the integrity of the building and avoiding many problems. An attic that overheats has a direct impact on the comfort felt inside the house and on the longevity of the covering.

Sloped roof insulation

An efficient roofing system requires a combination of ventilation and adequate insulation. To have a positive impact on the whole system, the attic must be not only well insulated, but also well ventilated.

Sloped roof structure

The structure and decking are essential to achieve an optimal roofing system. They must properly support the covering and contribute to the strength of the building. To maintain the integrity of your building, all components of the structure and the decking must be in good condition before installing the covering.

Sloped roof sealing

A roofing system requires an enhanced expertise in repair work to ensure the performance of its components. Our team specializes in waterproofing solutions and the installation of coverings on pitched roofs.

Sloped roof leaking

An efficient roofing system will not result in water infiltration. If your roof leaks, one of its components is causing the problem. It must be repaired quickly to prevent the spread of water throughout the entire building.

Shingles roofs renovation

The covering is a critical element of a sloping roof system. It must remain effective as long as possible to ensure that the building is waterproof and sturdy. When it is time to choose a covering, consider several criteria that transform this expense into a long-term investment.

Sloped roof inspection

It is recommended that roofs be inspected every three months or after major weather events. A roof inspection is divided into different phases that consider many important elements.

Sloped roof snow removal

Roof snow removal and de-icing help to maintain the integrity of your property against damage caused by snow and ice accumulations.

Safety at work

Les Couvreurs Duro-Toit ensure the safety of their employees, suppliers, and customers. Prevention is a core value that we take to each roofing project. Our company is classified as an Elite Partner by the APCHQ Prevention Mutual.

Certified roofers

Trusting your roof to expert roofers maximizes the longevity of the covering and assures the integrity of your building. Les Couvreurs Duro-Toit are recognized for their profound expertise in optimizing roofing systems.

Sloped roof - FAQ

Find the answers to frequently asked questions about maintenance, repairs, components of a pitched roof, and Les Couvreurs Duro-Toit. This information will give you a better understanding about the entire sloped-roof system.

Sloped roof achievements

Les Couvreurs Duro-Toit have carried out many roof renovation projects in Laval, Montreal, and the North Shore. Our roofing specialists have the necessary expertise to carry out all types of installations, from a shed to an upscale home.

Sloping roof Specialists

Les couvreurs Duro-Toit specializes in the evaluation, inspection, and conception of sloped roofs in Montréal. To be able to evaluate the condition of your roof, our team members will thoroughly inspect it and give you a detailed report, including any repairs that need to be done. You can also call them for an estimate of the costs and of the work that needs to be done on your sloping roof. Renowned as roofing specialists and for their sloped roof restoration expertise, Les couvreurs Duro-Toit will use the best material adapted to for your home. Whether you want asphalt shingle, a membrane or a metal roof, materials used by Duro-Toit are high quality and guaranteed. They are also installed according to the industry's best practices. Les couvreurs Duro-Toit, specialized in sloped roofing, will bring you the best solutions while meeting all your needs in terms of snow removal, insulation, ventilation, inspection, structure or waterproofing in the Greater Montreal Area.

Continuous Upgrading

The roofing profession is always evolving, either in architecture or in materials. Duro-Toit is committed to providing the best for its customers, which is why every member of the team, in addition to having the basic qualifications, holds all the latest certifications required by the highest authorities in the construction industry. + Innovation occupies a very important place in this relatively old profession. Ways of doing things are always evolving and so are materials. Duro-Toit specializes in slopped roof’s ventilation and works with the newest sealing techniques. They also make sure to always use the best installation techniques. Continuous vocational training remains a priority for the company, which ensures the satisfaction of its customers.

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