Do you offer ground snow removal services?

At your request, we can offer snow removal services to clear the pathways necessary to allow traffic to flow. Our partner, specializing in commercial snow removal, owns the equipment necessary to offer a complete and safe service. We use a steam machine to de-ice in record time without damaging the roof.

Why remove snow from commercial roofs?

You need to prevent severe damage that could be irreversible. Snow removal can eliminate the possibility of a disaster in a commercial building at the same time that it preserves the integrity of its structure. By removing the excess weight from the roof, you can avoid a structural collapse due to the snow and the accumulation of snow and ice in the reservoirs and storm drains. In many cases, insurance companies make snow removal mandatory.

What do I do when repairs are needed urgently?

Our service unit can effect repairs immediately. It is not necessary to prepare an estimate, which would take too much time. This rapid response is possible because our service unit is equipped with all the necessary equipment. In addition, our roofers are specialists in emergency interventions and commercial roof repair, which ensures high-quality service.
*This service is available at an hourly rate.*

When is it not possible to repair a commercial roof?

When the covering is too old, you need to completely renovate because repairs will not be effective and will prove a wasted expense. Sometimes it is impossible to retain old materials that are incompatible with new products. Furthermore, it may be more profitable in the long term to completely renovate in a case where major damage extends throughout the surface of the commercial roof.

What do I need to know about roof repairs?

You have to identify the source of the leaks to repair the roof adequately, using compatible materials. In the case of a thermal roof, it is important to change any water-logged insulation to prevent the evaporation of water particles that can cause bubbles to form on the roof.

What guarantees are available?

The warranties offered depend on the type of work and the products used.

  • Manufacturer’s Warranty (material or materials and labour)
  • Extended warranty available from SOPREMA, Carlisle, BP, etc.
  • Les Couvreurs Duro-Toit workforce warranty.

* Warranties are applicable when the requirements are met.

What additional work might be called for during roof repairs?

Sometimes it is only possible to see the damage once the old covering has been removed. An intervention can then be inevitable to ensure the durability and integrity of the commercial roofing. Usually, materials affected by water need to be replaced and vents and walls need to be strengthened, etc. Furthermore, the presence of several layers of coverings may require additional work to return the roofing system to full effectiveness.

When is it time to renovate a commercial roof?

It is recommended to change the complete covering of the roof in the event of major damage. In fact, the repair service becomes profitable in the long term in the case where the damage has spread considerably. Moreover, risks are eliminated at the source, which will prevent future problems.

How do you protect the roof over the long term?

Over the years, you need to pay attention to the aging of the roof, repairs, and the maintenance performed. It is best to consult experienced roofers who know the requirements of manufacturers’ warranties when your roof needs work. You will be better protected if a problem arises.