When should you inspect the roof system?

It is recommended to check the attic every three months and after a heavy rainfall or high winds. As soon as you spot an anomaly, please see our roofers for a solution adapted to your type of roof.

What are the main solutions to water infiltration?

Depending on the situation, our roofers can locally replace the affected sections. If the coating does not need to be changed in its entirety, it is possible to change it locally. It is also important to properly seal openings by changing the rubber sealants or coverings with products adapted to your type of roof. The snow and ice may need to be removed to prevent the increase of ice on the roof.

How does water seepage occur?

The main cause of water infiltration is the presence of ice under the covering. During a thaw, the ice melts and the water leaks into the attic and then the interior of the house. Infiltration may also come from the lining wear, missing shingles, poor insulation, poor structure, etc.