What do I do when repairs are needed urgently?

Our service unit can effect repairs immediately. It is not necessary to prepare an estimate, which would take too much time. This rapid response is possible because our service unit is equipped with all the necessary equipment. In addition, our roofers are specialists in emergency interventions and commercial roof repair, which ensures high-quality service.
*This service is available at an hourly rate.*

When is it not possible to repair a commercial roof?

When the covering is too old, you need to completely renovate because repairs will not be effective and will prove a wasted expense. Sometimes it is impossible to retain old materials that are incompatible with new products. Furthermore, it may be more profitable in the long term to completely renovate in a case where major damage extends throughout the surface of the commercial roof.

What do I need to know about roof repairs?

You have to identify the source of the leaks to repair the roof adequately, using compatible materials. In the case of a thermal roof, it is important to change any water-logged insulation to prevent the evaporation of water particles that can cause bubbles to form on the roof.