Why entrust snow removal for roofers?

A skilled workforce knows how to remove snow and ice from all types of roofs without damaging the cladding. The quality of work is superior and you are protected if a problem occurs.

Why is it necessary to shovel the roof?

When ice forms, dams are created and extend over the roof. De-icing becomes necessary to prevent water infiltration or the weakening of the structure. Ideally, when snow and ice exceed 12 inches, it should be cleared.

What equipment is needed to clear the snow from a sloping roof?

According to the type of pitched roof, it is recommended to use the sleigh-shovels, standard shovels, ice picks, and chain saws adapted to the specific needs of de-icing. Personal protective equipment, such as lifelines and safety harnesses, is required. If necessary, we can use a snow blower to release the snow.