Why do manufacturers require that the attic is ventilated?

Manufacturers’ warranties do not apply if ventilation is inadequate. The difference between the outside and attic temperatures causes overheating which prematurely ages the covering. So ventilation is a criterion to meet for protection in case of problems.

Why temper the attic?

Ventilation must keep the attic as close as possible to the outside temperature. Otherwise, the heat losses will melt the ice and create water seepage and will spread into the building. Damage can be serious if it is not addressed by roofing specialists.

Why ventilate the attic?

Ventilation helps to preserve the full integrity of the building and roof covering. The risks of excessive moisture and overheating in the attic are then reduced. By the same token, it ensures the perfect comfort level inside the home. Speak with an expert to get recommendations tailored to your type of roof.