The advantages of converting a pitched roof to a flat roof

Roofing specialists convert flat roofs to pitched roofs on a regular basis. But did you know that the reverse is also possible?

In this article, our roofing specialists will present the various advantages of converting a pitched roof to a flat roof. They will also explain why this type of work should be done by professionals.

Advantages of converting a pitched roof to a flat roof

In Quebec, flat roofs are common on commercial and apartment buildings, particularly in urban areas.

In recent decades, more and more single-family homes have also been built with flat roofs due to the many advantages they offer over pitched roofs.

A unique aesthetic

A flat roof gives a building a special look. On a house, a flat roof provides a clean, modern aesthetic that many property owners prize. It gives a building a strong, square presence without feeling heavy.

On a house with a pitched roof, the roof covering is clearly visible and forms part of the architectural design. On a flat roof, the covering is often invisible from the street.

Converting a house’s roof from pitched to flat will drastically change its appearance.

More living space

A flat roof can provide more living space for the occupants of a house. For example, it is sometimes possible to create a terrasse or green space on a flat roof, as long as its structure and decking are suitable.

When converting a pitched roof to a flat roof, a property owner could take the opportunity to redesign the attic or change the architecture of any rooms on the upper levels with sloping ceilings. These are costly, major renovations, but they can create a lot more living space.

More light

A flat roof often means more light inside the house. Flat roofs are perfect for installing skylights, which fill rooms with natural light.

When converting a pitched roof to a flat roof, the dormers can sometimes be replaced with large windows that let in as much light as possible. Of course, this would require major renovations on the upper level.

A safer, more accessible roof

Maintenance and snow removal on a pitched roof can present safety hazards for those doing the work, particularly if they don’t have the proper equipment or experience.

A flat roof also requires rigorous maintenance, particularly to prevent snow accumulation and water infiltration. However, the risk of falling off a roof with such a low slope is very small, especially if prevention and safety precautions are taken.

Converting a pitched roof to a flat roof: a project for the professionals

Are you renovating your home and considering converting your pitched roof to a flat roof? There are many elements that must be taken into account when converting a roof.

Just imagine how much extra weight a flat roof with a terrasse would add. The structure of the building needs to be solid enough to bear that load.

Flat roofs need an efficient drainage system and a watertight roof membrane. Otherwise, they may be susceptible to water infiltration.

If you dream of converting your pitched roof to a flat roof to enjoy the sun on your very own terrasse, you should hire a qualified roofing contractor who will work in collaboration with a structural engineer.

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In conclusion, converting a pitched roof to a flat roof has many advantages.

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