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For over 15 years, Les Couvreurs Duro-Toit roofing company has been at your service for your roofing repairs, renovations, new construction and maintenance needs in the Greater Montreal area. Our trusted team was awarded the Consumer’s Choice in 2020 and 2021. Our Montreal roofers are also recommended by CAA-Quebec for housing.

We guarantee your full satisfaction with all of our roofing maintenance and repair services. Les Couvreurs Duro-Toit experts will optimize your roofing system with long-lasting and cost-effective solutions.

You will always get the best personalized advice from our roofers in the Greater Montreal area to ensure that your investment is protected in the long run.

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Our Montreal roofers protect and repair all types of roofs

Whether you have a residential or commercial roof, our Montreal roofers recommend having your roof maintained and repaired by professional roofers during the summer months. With good weather conditions, you can rest assured that your roof will be solid and watertight all winter long.
Les Couvreurs Duro-Toit roofing company in Montreal can take care of:

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Dedicated and knowledgeable roofers

Our Montreal roofing company is solely made up of roofers and tradespeople who are passionate about their profession and committed to each roofing project. Our team of roofers in Greater Montreal is constantly upgrading their skills in order to master the latest roofing techniques recommended by the manufacturers and industry experts.

The commitment and teamwork of our roofers ensures that our services are professional and the work is done with the greatest of care. Our customers benefit from the advice of experienced roofers who will take their roofing system to the next level. For these reasons, our roofers are recognized among the best in Greater Montreal.

If you have any roofing needs, contact us now. Our roofers have the solution.

Dedicated and knowledgeable roofers

CAA-Quebec member

Our roofing company is recommended by CAA-Quebec for their skills, credibility, solvency and reputation.

Get an exclusive discount on the total amount of your work with Les Couvreurs Duro-Toit when you are a CAA-Quebec member.

Our Montreal roofers are the best people to take care of your roof.

Why trust our roofing company?

Our company is recommended by CAA-Quebec because of the quality of our work, the respect of deadlines and the availability of our team.

We have professional certifications that confirm the skills of our roofers for installing all types of residential, commercial, institutional and industrial roofing.

We also have manufacturer certifications that attest to their expertise. For example, we install products from Soprema, Carlisle, Firestone, BP, GAF, CertainTeed, Owen’s Corning, IKO, and many others. From these quality choices, we will recommend the product best suited to your roofing system.

Whatever your project, our Montreal roofers will implement their expertise, which will make a difference to your roof in the long run!

Les Couvreurs Duro-Toit roofing company was voted the Consumer’s Choice for the fourth year in a row!

If you have an emergency or a question about your roof, contact our experts!

Do you have an emergency or a question about your roof? No need to worry! Our roofers are here to help. With years of industry experience, our team of professionals can answer all your questions and solve all your roofing problems, from emergency repairs to regular inspections and complete replacements.

Tips from our Montreal roofers

Find out what our Montreal roofing company has to say about the most common questions regarding residential, commercial, institutional and industrial roofing systems. Our blog is also available if you are interested in getting advice from our experienced roofers.

Advice from our Montreal roofers

Find out the latest industry news and get the best advice from our roofers by reading our blog posts!

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