Sloped Roof Insulation

An efficient roofing system requires a combination of ventilation and adequate insulation. To have a positive impact on the whole system, the attic must be not only well insulated, but also well ventilated. When these two conditions are met, you benefit from energy savings and optimal in-house comfort. In addition, the roofing materials and coating have a longer life. Moreover, you greatly reduce the risk of condensation and overheating in the attic, as well as ice accumulation on the roof. If you suspect that you have a problem with your attic insulation and ventilation, you should consult expert roofers. To offer you the best possible service, our technical advisers will propose the installation that balances the cost of work and the performance you need.


Attic Insulation Work

Taking into account the configuration of your sloping roof, our technical advisers determine the best course of action to ensure effective insulation. During their inspection, they check the tightness of your roof and evaluate the effectiveness of the ventilation system and the attic insulation. Following the inspection, our experts will suggest that you either add insulation or replace the entire existing attic insulation. If the first solution is applicable, our team can add wool to the existing insulation, which helps to increase the R-value and minimize heat loss. In major cases, they can remove the existing insulation and replace it with materials that more effectively resist the movement of heat. Whichever insulation is called for in the case of your roof, the roofers at Les Couvreurs Duro-Toit provide you with an installation consistent with the standards of the industry, the manufacturers, and our own elevated norms. The main tasks that improve roof insulation are:

  • Install a vapour barrier (polyethylene 6 mm) with overlap.
  • Replace the existing insulation with sprayed polyurethane or blown wool.
  • Have an insulation with an adequate R-value.
  • Ventilate the attic.

  • The roofers at Les Couvreurs Duro-Toit use only high-performance materials. To learn more about the different insulation materials and their R-values, contact our team.


Before Isulation


After insulation

Locate the Attic Insulation Problems

The effects of poor attic insulation are always present. In winter, your home loses heat, which leads to the formation of frost in the attic, as well as ice on the roof and possibly under the roof sheathing. In such cases, it is essential to change the insulation to prevent heat loss. If you see stains on interior walls, paint peeling off, mould, ice accumulation on the roof; if you experience an uncomfortable or unstable temperature in your home, or perhaps notice an inordinately high cost of heating and air conditioning, entrust your problems to the experts. Our team has the experience and training necessary to optimize both your roofing system and the comfort of your home.

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