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The inspection of a flat roof must consider several critical issues. An evaluation of the system and its components is needed to gather all information relevant to your roof. To be complete and pertinent, the roof inspection should confirm the state of the covering, the stability of the structure, the waterproofing of the building, as well as the integrity and weather resistance of existing materials.

The information collected can reveal the presence of anomalies or a diminished effectiveness of the roofing system. It is recommended that you carry out such an inspection every three months as a preventive measure or following major elements.

Building exterior

Start by identifying abnormalities, such as the state of the waterproofing of retaining walls. We analyze the state of the metal flashings to ensure they are in order and secure.

Building interior

Look for signs of possible problems, such as traces of water infiltration, paint peeling off, joints cracking, gypsum curling, or temperature instability and discomfort in the house.

Attic inspection

The attic can reveal traces of moisture or mould, as well as tarnished or compacted insulation. Pay special attention to the vents and the temperature of the attic.

Mechanical inspection

Discharge pipes are connected to appropriate air outlets. The attic sections are well-ventilated. They include intake and exhaust vents that promote air circulation.

Inspection of drains and fascia

Gutters and drains are properly cleaned. They are not clogged and enable water drainage. Furthermore, no wood is visible on the edge of the roof.

Roof inspection

Ensure the integrity of the vents, air outlets, fireplaces, accessories, and flashings. Make sure water does not infiltrate and that the sealants are in good condition.

Coating condition

Analyze the surface condition to ensure its waterproofing effectiveness by inspecting its overall appearance, joints, walls, and sealants. The roofing is your building’s first line of defence, so it is vital to ensure its complete integrity.

Structural inspection

Please review the soundness of the structure and the decking while cautiously walking on the roof in order to test its strength. In some cases, a slight movement of the decking can be acceptable.

Why have your flat roof inspected?

Having your flat roof inspected regularly is crucial to preventing costly damage caused by water infiltration and leaks. In fact, flat roofs are more prone to waterproofing problems than sloped roofs, as water easily collects on the flat surface.

During the inspection, our team of professional roofers checks all the components of your roof, including the condition of the membrane, joints, drains and vents. We also look for signs of wear and tear, such as cracks, blisters and deformation.

In addition to preventing damage, regular inspection of your flat roof can also extend its life and preserve your investment. Our roofers can spot potential problems and recommend repairs or preventive maintenance to avoid costly repairs in the long term.

If you have an emergency or a question about your roof, contact our experts!

Do you have an emergency or a question about your roof? No need to worry! Our roofers are here to help. With years of industry experience, our team of professionals can answer all your questions and solve all your roofing problems, from emergency repairs to regular inspections and complete replacements.

The advantages of a roof inspection

Regular inspection of your roof offers many advantages. Firstly, it allows potential problems, such as water infiltration or weather damage, to be detected early, before they become major problems requiring costly repairs. What’s more, a regular inspection can extend the life of your roof, as any problems detected can be resolved quickly and effectively before they cause permanent damage.

Finally, a regular inspection of your flat roof can give you peace of mind in knowing that your property is protected from external elements such as water, snow and wind. When it comes to roofing, trust Les Couvreurs Duro-Toit!

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