Emergency Flat Roof Repair

Emergency flat roof repairs after a disaster

Though extreme weather like tornadoes and hurricanes are rare in Quebec, storms with strong winds, heavy rainfall and lightning do occur and can damage flat roofs.

Disasters such as explosions and fire can also cause significant damage to flat roof buildings. All of which is to say: there are many accidents and unforeseen disasters that can leave you scrambling to repair your flat roof.

Our emergency roof repair service can quickly seal and protect your flat roof from leaks and water damage. You can count on our professional team for fast and effective solutions.

A fast response to repair your flat roof

Flat roof inspection

Our roofers can conduct an emergency flat roof inspection to accurately assess the damage. After this consultation, you will know exactly what steps to take and what materials are needed to repair your roof after a disaster. You will also have a good idea how much the repairs will cost.

If you need to file a claim for the damage, we will also support you through the claims process with your insurance company.

Installation of temporary waterproof covers

Before beginning the flat roof repair, we can immediately install temporary waterproof covers to prevent further water infiltration and damage.

Complete repair of your damaged flat roof

Flat roofs are very different from pitched roofs. Depending on the damage done, flat roof repair after an emergency can entail:

We are specialists in all of the above flat roof repair services. Our roofers can get your flat roof back to its original appearance and condition!

If you have an emergency or a question about your roof, contact our experts!

Do you have an emergency or a question about your roof? No need to worry! Our Montreal roofers are here to help. With years of industry experience, our team of professionals can answer all your questions and solve all your roofing problems, from emergency repairs to regular inspections and complete replacements.

Need emergency flat roof repairs?

For the best emergency roof repair service in Greater Montreal, look no further than Les Couvreurs Duro-Toit.

Contact us and our expert team will act quickly to restore your home’s comfort and safety. We work and travel throughout the North Shore, South Shore and Montreal areas.

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