Flat Roof Leak Repair

We know that a quick, effective and appropriate response is essential to minimize the damage and associated costs caused by water infiltration.

Our team of qualified roofers carefully evaluates the damage, recommends the most appropriate solution and uses the right roofing tools to restore your roof to its former condition.

If you have the slightest doubt about the effectiveness of your roof's drainage and you live in the Greater Montreal area, make use of our flat roof services.

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Interior Inspection

Roof leaks can cause ceiling stains, peeling paint, warping drywall, broken ceilings or wet floors.

Roof Inspection

The signs depend on the type of membrane. In general, you will notice a deterioration in the quality of the coating such as cracks or defects.

Attic Inspection

Condensation and moisture can lead to mold, blackened plywood, smears on joists, tarnished or compacted insulation wool.

Mechanical Inspection

Signs of moisture or condensation may be caused by a mechanical problem in the building, such as poorly connected outlet pipes.

Why does your flat roof leak?

Your flat roof leak can be caused by several factors. It can be a result of ventilation and insulation problems, poorly sealed siding and even snow accumulation. It is important to quickly repair the roof leak no matter the root of the problem. Without immediate intervention, the building may be damaged. However, some good practices can limit water infiltration while waiting for the roofers.

As soon as you notice the early signs of a leak, consult roofers who are qualified to do this work. Our specialist roofers have the experience and equipment required to effectively deal with water leaks. We restore your flat roof to its full efficiency by using the appropriate method, while complying with the regulations in effect for Montreal roofs.

What are the signs of a flat roof leak?

Signs of leaks depend on the type of cladding:

  • For an elastomeric membrane: check for wrinkles, cracked or deteriorated joints and other defects.
  • For an asphalt and gravel coating: common signs of infiltration include bubbles and cracks in the coating.

These clues are more difficult to spot in winter. If in doubt, you should call in specialists to detect and treat a leak early on.

What roof leak repair solutions does Couvreurs Duro-Toit offer?

When water infiltration occurs, our technical advisors inspect the roof and the property’s interior. They can detect exactly where the leak is coming from with their expertise. Moisture can come from the roof, but also from pipes or other faulty areas of the house.

Once the inspection is completed, they will suggest the best solution to protect the property from water leaks. The main roof leak repair solutions include:

  • Roof de-icing and snow removal
  • Sealing the leaking roof
  • Changing the siding
  • Optimizing ventilation and insulation
  • Improving the building's waterproofing
  • Repairing affected areas locally
  • Optimizing the structure and bridging
  • Making sure water drains to the storm drain

Contact us if you have leaks on your roof. Our roofing team can accurately address your concerns and intervene quickly if you are located in the Greater Montreal area.

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