Sloped roof sealing system

A roofing system requires an enhanced expertise in repair work to ensure the performance of its components. Our team specializes in waterproofing solutions and the installation of coverings on pitched roofs. Since each case must take into account the existing roofing system, our technical consultants will evaluate that reality to determine the best intervention tailored to the needs of your building. Our goal is to maximize the longevity of the roof covering and maintain as long as possible the waterproofing of your shingled roof.

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Initial Analysis

Make sure of the strength of the structure before changing the roof covering. If necessary, we can change the wood completely or repair areas of rotten wood to ensure a solid support and healthy materials.


If necessary, we incorporate aluminum starter strips at the ends of the shingled roof to seal the joint between the covering and the edge of the roof.

Self-Adhesive Membrane

The self-adhesive membrane should be installed according to the required width. We must go beyond the thermal bridge by a distance of 12 to 24 inches past the projection of the inner wall. To ensure an optimal roofing system, our roofers go above and beyond the standards in place.

Sub Layer

Subsequently, we install the synthetic vapour barrier underlay on all wooden surfaces that are not covered by the membrane. If necessary, it is possible to change all metal flashings and vents to maintain the waterproofing of the roof covering.


We ensure the effectiveness of the ventilation of the shingled roof. If necessary, it is possible to change or add the fans necessary for the building.

Installing the Shingles

Having put into place the starting shingles where required, our roofers place the covering in accordance with the manufacturer's installation standards. In the end, we install the ridge shingles.


Once the roof covering is in place, it is necessary, in all cases, to install sealants and bitumen required for the waterproofing of the shingle-roof system.

Inspection and Protection

After the work, the team leader inspects the roof covering and the property to make sure that nothing has been forgotten. Our roofers ensure that the work is impeccable and that the property is clean.

A Recommended System

Les Couvreurs Duro-Toit excel in the installation of shingled roofs as recommended by manufacturers. Since the installation is consistent with the requirements, the manufacturer's warranty is applicable if a problem arises. Moreover, this system reinforces the longevity of the roof covering. All members of our team are involved in each roof-covering project. That's why CAA Habitation has rated Les Couvreurs Duro-Toit in a distinctive category that acknowledges the high satisfaction of our customers regarding the quality of our work in shingle-roof installations.

If you have additional questions about the installation of roof coverings and your needs in relation to your property, consult our technical consultants. They will guide you in choosing the roof system for your budget.

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