Commercial Roof Snow Removal

Roof snow removal is a critical element in the maintenance of commercial buildings. It can prevent both water seepage and structural collapse caused by excessive accumulations of snow and ice. It is a service that helps to preserve the integrity of the roof and, therefore, of the commercial building. To protect your investment for the long term, it is recommended that you not wait before proceeding with this work. To ensure the quality of the snow and ice removal from your roof, please entrust the work to our experienced roofers; they will be able to clear the snow while taking the needs of your commercial building into account.


Talk to a Technical Consultant

Roof snow and ice removal must be undertaken safely and with great care. If necessary, our team can secure an occupancy permit for the public thoroughfare. We can also see that the ground surfaces are cleared of snow thanks to our collaboration with a specialist in commercial snow removal. The latter has the necessary equipment to quickly clear both the roads and your property.

At the beginning of the process of commercial roof snow removal, our roofers define a perimeter so as to not compromise the safety of occupants and passersby. To do this, they locate exits and openings in the commercial building before the snow and ice removal begins. During operations, they have the skills to avoid all potential damage to the roof and the building. Efficient snow removal also includes the following operations:

  • Clearing all roofing elements, such as vents
  • Unclogging storm drains to ensure they are not blocked by snow and ice
  • Assessment of the state of the roofing materials and accessories

During the actual snow removal, our roofers will keep you up-to-date if they find any damage caused by the weather. You will be kept informed about the state of your commercial roofing.

Prevention and Repair

When the roof is promptly cleared of snow, potential risks are eliminated at the source. According to the association of home builders in Quebec (APCHQ), it is best to proceed with rooftop de-icing and snow removal and when accumulations of snow and ice exceed 12 inches on a pitched roof and 28 inches on a flat roof. But take note that the percentage of ice can alter this rule of thumb, because of its greater weight. For more information, our technical consultants are available to answer your questions.

Sometimes, insurance companies require roof snow removal and ice control. Our team can be available quickly when the situation threatens to damage the roof and the building. If our roofers detect a potential problem, they will be able to carry out the repairs, since they have the knowledge and equipment to respond effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions