Commercial roof snow removal

Commercial roof snow and ice removal in Montreal

Roof snow removal is essential for commercial building management. It helps preserve the integrity of the roof and, by extension, the commercial building.

Regularly removing snow from the roof avoids inconveniences such as water infiltration or collapses caused by an excessive build-up of snow and ice. To properly protect your long-term investment, you shouldn’t wait before having this work done.

To ensure the quality of the snow and ice removal and protect your roof, leave this task to our team of experienced roofers. They will be able to clear the snow while taking the needs of your commercial building into account.

Commercial roof snow removal with Duro-Toit

Roof snow and ice removal must be done carefully and safely. If necessary, our team can secure an occupancy permit for the public thoroughfare. We can also clear the ground of snow through our collaboration with a commercial snow removal specialist. They have the necessary equipment to quickly clear traffic lanes and your property.

From the start of the snow removal work, our roofers define a perimeter to avoid compromising the safety of occupants, passers-by and operators. Safety at work is essential to us! Our roofers locate exits and openings on the commercial roof before proceeding with snow and ice removal. During the operations, they make sure not to damage the roof equipment and the building. Effective snow removal also includes the following procedures:

  • Clearance for roof units such as ventilation boxes
  • Unclogging roof drains to ensure they are not blocked by snow and ice
  • Assessment of the state of the roofing materials and accessories

During their snow and ice removal work, our roofers will share their observations with you if they notice damage caused by the weather. If needed, our team can provide you with commercial roof repair services.

If you have an emergency or a question about your roof, contact our experts!

Do you have an emergency or a question about your roof? No need to worry! Our roofers are here to help. With years of industry experience, our team of professionals can answer all your questions and solve all your roofing problems, from emergency repairs to regular inspections and complete replacements.

How to proceed with commercial roof snow removal

When the roof is cleared of snow at the right time, potential risks are eliminated at the source. Knowing the stages of ice formation will help you sound the alarm at the first signs. According to the Association provinciale des constructeurs d’habitations du Québec, it is best to have roof snow and ice removal done when build-ups exceed 12 inches for a sloped roof and 28 inches for a flat roof. Remember that ice influences this data because of its greater weight

As for the maximum weight a roof can support, it all depends on the snow conditions:

  • Fresh snow: 10 to 12 inches of fresh snow is equivalent to 1 inch of water and approximately 2.3 kg per square foot of roof. It is estimated that a roof can support a maximum of 4 feet of fresh snow.
  • Compacted snow: 3 to 5 in. of hardened snow is equivalent to 1 in. of water and 2.3 kg per square foot of roof. Above 30 cm, the snow may be more than the roof can support.
  • Ice: 1 inch of ice is equivalent to about 12 inches of fresh snow, so be especially careful when ice accumulates on the roof.

Finally, roof snow and ice removal is sometimes required by insurance companies. Our team can be available quickly for emergencies that can cause damage to the roof and building.

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