Sloped Roof Structure

The structure and decking are essential to achieve an optimal roofing system. They must properly support the covering and contribute to the strength of the building. To maintain the integrity of your building, all components of the structure and the decking must be in good condition before installing the covering. If the components are weak, it may be necessary to solidify, level, or straighten the roof. This work will maximize the life of the covering and prevent, by extension, the risk of collapse. For those reasons, it is recommended to entrust the work to experts qualified to inspect the roof structure and trusses.

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Structure and decking

Working in Your Interests

Our roofing specialists know the techniques approved and recommended by the industry and manufacturers, meeting their highest standards. In addition, we have mastered various techniques adapted to different situations. Thanks to our roofers' expertise and experience, each client receives comprehensive services that optimize the entire roofing system. In the case of a total failure, our roofers can completely replace materials such as wood, plywood, and roof trusses. If appropriate, they can change only the materials weakened by moisture and mould. A full inspection will determine the type of intervention required according to the needs of the building and your budget. We have mastered all systems and know the different types of repairs possible, including those required for the roof trusses and frames. Check with our technical consultants for a customized intervention:

  • Optimization of ventilation and insulation.
  • Solidification of the structure.
  • Strengthening of the decking.
  • Replacement of materials.
  • Straightening of trusses and frames.

At the time of the submission, our technical consultants inspect the attic when it is accessible. Sometimes, problems may be apparent only when the covering is removed. In that case, you will be informed by our roofers prior to any change made to the structure, framework, or roof trusses.


Installation before Decking


Installation after Decking

A Well-Ventilated Structure for Increased Longevity

A structure that does not comply with industry standards can result in poor air circulation. If a ventilation problem is found, the consultant can offer you a solution to increase the flow of air. By creating proper spacing, the air can freely circulate in the attic. This ventilation will eliminate moisture and mould problems that may weaken the roof trusses and decking of your building. Also, if an insulation problem exists, we can isolate the attic to optimize the system and prevent heat loss or ice problems that may occur in the winter. As a precaution, it is advisable to clear your roof when the accumulation of snow and ice exceeds 12 inches.

Our technical consultants are available to provide more information about the components and maintenance of the structure and the decking required for a sloped roof.

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