Flat Roof Snow Removal and Ice Control

Snow removal and ice control are essential for flat roofs. These necessary activities preserve the integrity of the whole building. Preventive action also wards off all damage caused by a surplus of snow and ice. Otherwise, the risk of collapse, of weakening the structure, and of water infiltration becomes possible. When a problem occurs, you must act quickly to limit the damage that can spread throughout the building. For these reasons, it is recommended to do the maintenance as soon as possible. Moreover, the APCHQ (Quebec Provincial Association of Home Builders) suggests removing the snow and ice from a flat roof when the snow depth exceeds 28 inches. However, the excess weight of the ice must be taken into account when considering that guideline.


Safe Roof Snow Removal

Because of the risk of falls, physical injuries, and the proximity of power lines, it is best to entrust roof snow removal to professionals. They have the specific techniques and safety equipment required for their protection and that of the building. They know how to remove snow without damaging the covering in place or the openings on a flat roof. In addition, you are protected if a problem occurs during the roof snow removal.

At the beginning of the work, our team prepares a careful plan to thoroughly remove the snow from your roof. Our roofers establish a security perimeter to ensure compliance with standards. If necessary, they can reroute pedestrian traffic using signs and other prevention tools. This way, passersby and occupants are informed of the roof snow removal. Subsequently, our team takes the following preventive measures:

  • Mark the spill area.
  • Restrict risk areas.
  • Prepare a spill area protected by a guardrail at the edge of the roof.
  • Define a buffer zone around the roof.
  • Identify the roof components under the snow.

Roof Snow Removal and Repairs

Regularly inspect your property to avoid damage caused by a buildup of snow and ice. As soon as water infiltration or a weakened structure begin to affect the property, the situation must be immediately addressed. If you notice any new cracks in interior walls, creaking noises, or deformations on the ceiling, call the experts. Our specialist roofers quickly find the source of the problem and advise you of the right solution. If necessary, they can affect the right repairs and eliminate the risk that the problems will recur. If it is not possible to repair until spring, our team can remove the snow and ice from your roof to reduce the risk of water penetration. Talk to our technical consultants for more information on roof snow removal and ice control or the repairs that may be required.

Frequently Asked Questions