Flat roof snow and ice removal services in Montreal

Snow and ice removal are essential for flat roofs. According to the Quebec Provincial Association of Home Builders (APCHQ), this work should be done when the snow is deeper than 28 inches or when the weight is too heavy.

Preventive measures prevent all damage caused by excess snow and ice such as risk of collapse, weakening of the structure and water leaks. If problems occur with the structure, emergency action is recommended to limit the damage that can spread through the building.

If you want to take advantage of a quick and efficient service, the team of qualified roofers at Les Couvreurs-Duro-Toit is your most valuable asset. We have the best tools, including a low-pressure steam machine, to remove snow from your roof as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We remove snow and ice from residential roofs in the Greater Montreal area.

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Les Couvreurs Duro-Toit, flat roof specialists

Flat roof snow removal is best left to professionals because of the risk of falls, physical injury and proximity to nearby power lines. With our experience and flat roof certifications, Les Couvreurs Duro-Toit is the best choice in Montreal. When you request our services, we perform a thorough inspection of your roof components to make sure the proper measures are taken.

Need a flat roof repair service? We expertly analyze and execute a plan designed to provide you with the highest quality services.

Is flat roof snow removal necessary?

Cold weather in Quebec causes significant damage. When snow accumulates, a substantial weight is placed on the building structure, which can lead to various types of damage and even the total collapse of the roof.

Other problems occur during thawing. This is when the snow melts and seeps into cracks and crevices. Without taking proper precautions, the build-up of ice on the roof can cause serious damage. You can only avoid this with regular snow removal. Here are examples of the warning signs that deserve your attention:

  • Mold in your attic
  • Icicles forming along the boundary of your roof
  • Water leaks
  • Cracks in the ceiling or walls
  • Large amounts of snow or ice falling from the roof
  • Displaced or broken ceiling tiles

If you notice one of the above 6 signs, it is high time to take action and call in professional roofers. In addition to removing snow from your roof, any necessary repairs will help you avoid further problems.

Why use professional roofers for flat roof snow removal?

Snow removal is best left to professionals because of the risk of falls, physical injury and proximity to power lines. Les Couvreurs Duro-toit are experts in de-icing and snow removal techniques. Our extensive roofing experience ensures professional work without the risk of damaging the existing siding or the openings on the flat roof.

Finally, the safety equipment required to protect our team and the building are never neglected. At Les Couvreurs Duro-Toit, we take worksite safety seriously.

After careful planning for the most efficient snow removal on your roof, our team sets up a safety perimeter to ensure that the work complies with all necessary standards. If required, we divert sidewalks with road signs and other preventative measures. As a result, passers-by and occupants are informed of the roof snow removal work being carried out.

When you entrust your projects to Duro-Toit roofers, it's not just about getting your roof back in good shape. It's also about ensuring everyone's safety and knowing that every detail will be handled professionally.

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