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Roof inspection is crucial in Quebec and places with generally harsh climates.

With proper inspection and regular maintenance, a roof can maintain its insulation and ventilation properties for several decades. The good condition of the buildings and, indirectly, the safety of inhabitants are at stake.

Awarded the 2020 and 2021 Consumer Choice Award, our roofers’ professional and efficient work will help you enjoy the comfort of your home for years to come. If work needs to be done, we can also provide a number of roof replacement and roof repair services.

Contact Les Couvreurs Duro-Toit and ask our team to come to your home if you live in the Greater Montreal area. Don’t wait any longer!

Building Exterior

We start by identifying soil that can reveal signs of deterioration of the covering and insulation by the presence of ice around the roof and in the eavestroughs.

Building Interior

We look for traces of water infiltration such as peeling paint, cracking joints, gypsum that swells in the house, unstable temperature and discomfort.

Attic Inspection

The attic can reveal traces of moisture such as the presence of mould and tarnished or compacted insulation. Our roofers pay close attention to the openings and the temperature of the attic.

Mechanical Inspection

We check that exhaust pipes are connected to suitable air outlets, attic sections are well ventilated, and they include an air inlet and outlet to promote circulation.

Eavestrough and roof-edge

Our roofers inspect the condition of the eavestroughs to make sure they are not obstructed and allow water drainage. They also check that no wood is visible on the edges of the roof.

Roofing Inspection

Our team makes sure that all openings, air outlets, chimneys are in good shape, that water does not leak in and sealants are not deteriorated.

Covering Condition

We inspect the condition of asphalt shingles to check their integrity. A worn covering lifts and does not cover the entire roof. In addition, shingles may blow away in the wind.

Structural Inspection

Our roofing experts make sure that the structure and deck are solid by carefully walking on the roof. Slight movement of the decking can be tolerated in some cases.

Why should you regularly have your roof inspected?

You should have your roof inspected every three months or after major weather conditions as a preventative measure. Preventive actions increase the longevity of the roof and delay the appearance of major problems.

A professional roofer’s work is divided into different phases that consider several important elements. With this comprehensive evaluation, we get to know your roofing system by checking the general condition of the covering, the structure solidity, the watertightness of the building and protection against bad weather.

Following the inspection, the information we gather will confirm any anomalies or efficiency problems with the roofing system. We advise you to call an experienced technician to find out if roofing work is required and to get valuable advice to prevent roofing problems.

Need a roof inspection? Contact our roofers!

Do you need an emergency inspection or have a question about your roof? No need to worry! Our roofers are here to help. With years of industry experience, our team of professionals can answer all your questions and solve all your roofing problems, from emergency repairs to regular inspections and complete replacements.

Why get a roof inspection from couvreurs duro-toit?

Think you can venture out on your roof to do the inspection yourself? Worse yet, do you think you don’t need to check because your roof has no significant damage or abnormal signs? In either case, you are taking a risk you may regret. Don’t overlook the importance of doing this task properly and leave it to Couvreurs Duro-Toit.

Our technical advisors have the experience necessary to analyze the condition of your roofing system. They are familiar with all the complications and sources of problems a pitched roof can have. In addition, they are trained directly by the manufacturers on new solutions and recommended repairs, which guarantees quality work.

When they diagnose an urgent need, such as a roof leak repair, our roofers can act quickly to address the problem. If the problem is minor, they will be able to repair it directly. In all cases, we will recommend the best solution according to your budget and the needs of your property.

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