Sloped Roof Ventilation

Ventilation is an integral part of your building's roofing system. It is crucially important for preserving the integrity of the building and avoiding many problems. An attic that overheats has a direct impact on the comfort felt inside the house and on the longevity of the covering. During the summer, the attic should be well ventilated to temper the roof. Meanwhile, in winter, ventilation needs to keep the attic cool and dry to prevent problems with condensation and ice buildup, which cause water infiltration. Moreover, according to the National Building Code of Canada, there are standards of roof ventilation that all properties must meet. To ensure compliance and effectiveness, our technical consultants can recommend solutions to optimize your entire roofing system.

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Our Expertise and Roof Ventilation Standards in Quebec

Roof ventilation is a warranty condition for manufacturers. Poor ventilation will annul the the original warranty, since it causes the covering and its components to age prematurely. To comply, a proper ventilation system should vent hot air and moisture to allow fresh air to circulate and keep the attic as close as possible to the outside temperature.
To correct an inadequate roof ventilation, our roofers can create the space required to allow hot air to be vented from the attic, according to the standards. If necessary, they can release the cornices and soffits to allow fresh air to enter the attic. To avoid a build-up of moisture, they can install insulated drain pipes and outlet valves on the fan. By entrusting us with your roof ventilation work, you may notice the following:

  • Increased comfort inside the building
  • Increased durability of the covering and of the structure
  • Reduction of the heat and moisture
  • Better insulation and waterproofing
  • Prevention of ice formation and water infiltration
  • Specific advice to your needs and budget
  • Upgrading of your roofing system

Fix Chronic Roof Ventilation Problems

At your request, our technical consultants can go into the attic to assess whether it is effectively ventilated. Since roof ventilation and insulation go together, they will ensure that the insulation is adequate and in good condition. If the ventilation system and insulation do not comply with regulations, they will advise you of the best setup in keeping with your budget. Their many years of experience provide you with explanations and specific guidance on ventilation and existing insulation standards. Also, if the attic reveals damage to materials, our sloped-roof roofing specialists can make the proper repairs. If necessary, they can change or repair particular damaged materials to maximize durability.

For all further inquiries, our technical consultants are available to answer questions regarding roof ventilation.

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