Sloped roof snow removal

Roof snow removal and de-icing help to maintain the integrity of your property against damage caused by snow and ice accumulations. According to Quebec's provincial association of home builders (APCHQ), it is recommended to remove snow and ice in excess of 12 inches from pitched roofs. This maintenance reduces the risk of water infiltration that can spread into the attic and sometimes even inside the house. Roof snow removal also prevents weight overloads that weaken the structure and the decking. Without a complete response, accumulations expose the roof to collapse. For these reasons, it is preferable to leave your roof snow removal and ice control to experienced roofers.


Roof Snow Removal as Prevention

Every three months, it is recommended to inspect your property to avoid damage caused by an overload on the roof. If you spot the early signs that the structure is weakening, it is best to talk to an expert roofer. It is possible that accumulations have damaged the structure and decking. Early intervention may be necessary to preserve the integrity of the building.

  • Emergence of new cracks in interior walls
  • Unusual cracking noises
  • Interior doors that stick or rub
  • Ceiling Deformation

If repairs become necessary, our roofers can fix the problems. Upon arrival, they assess the problem and identify the source. From there, steps are taken to limit the damage and recommend the most effective solution. They can make the repairs and eliminate the risk of recurrence. However, if it is not possible to repair until the spring, our team removes the snow and ice to reduce risks to a minimum.

Optimal Roof Snow Remova

Removing snow and controlling ice on roofs entail risks of falls and physical injuries to workers and bystanders. If you do not have the expertise or the necessary equipment, entrust snow removal our specialist roofers. The work will be done safely and you will be immune to problems.

Les Couvreurs Duro-Toit prioritize a comprehensive response for snow and ice control on pitched roofs. Our roofers use the right techniques and tools to make sure the work is impeccable. They make sure to locate the air outlets that may be hidden under snow and ice. Our roofers also pay special attention to all openings, ventilators, and chimneys on your sloped roof. In the end, our team inspects the roof to ensure that no damage has been done by the load of snow and ice. By taking these precautions, you get a service tailored to your needs to provide you with peace of mind.

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