Sloped roof leaking

An efficient roofing system will not result in water infiltration. If your roof leaks, one of its components is causing the problem. It must be repaired quickly to prevent the spread of water throughout the entire building. In the absence of an effective intervention, the whole building is at risk of being damaged. When roofers correct a case of water infiltration, your building will regain its waterproofing. For that, it is necessary to have professionals address the problem as soon as you notice it. Please call our roofing specialists to repair a leaky roof. They will advise you of the perfect solution that respects your budget and effects the repairs.

Report water infiltration

Interior Inspection

Signs of water damage inside your home are stains on the ceiling, paint peeling off, ceilings cracking, and water on the floors.

Inspection of the Roof

The roof covering may lift up, there are spaces between the shingles and some are even blown away by the wind. The sealant around roof openings has deteriorated.

Attic Inspection

Condensation or moisture can cause mildew, blackened plywood, black marks on the joists, a leaky roof, tarnished or compacted insulating wool.

Mechanical Inspection

Moisture or condensation may come from a mechanical problem like a badly connected fan that expels air into the attic (from the bathroom or kitchen).

Prevent Water Seepage

The most effective way to counter the infiltration of water is through prevention. To protect your investment, it is recommended to inspect the attic every three months. This inspection is important because water infiltration may be present in the attic without being visible in other rooms of the house. Other preventive measures can be undertaken to prevent a leaking roof. If necessary, our roofers can:

Solutions to Water Infiltration

Our technical consultants can determine the precise cause of water infiltration. Pursuant to their diagnosis, they determine the right solution to repair the leaky roof. Sometimes the repair is minor, which allows our roofers to change only the problematic materials. When the damage is major, a comprehensive intervention may be necessary. If you want to permanently correct a water infiltration problem, please contact us. Our technical consultants can offer the best solution for your budget. However, we remind you that prevention is the best strategy to maintain the integrity of your property and avoid water infiltration.

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