Flat Roof Membrane

Proper covering seals the roof and protects the property against the weather. When the time comes to choose a new covering for a flat roof, several criteria must be considered to turn that expense into a long-term investment. To ensure the longevity and effectiveness of the covering selected, you must also choose a workforce qualified for that type of installation. Once these elements are combined, the roofing system will be optimal and long lasting. Because of the importance of this choice, Les Couvreurs Duro-Toit provide you with the crucial information needed to select the best roofing membrane.


Select the Right Roofing Membrane

Before choosing a new roof membrane, we must analyze your expectations, your budget, and the building characteristics. First and foremost, the covering must be adapted to the type of building, its structure, and the facilities in place. Traffic on the flat roof and amount of maintenance are also important. After that, a budget must be established to be able to choose the type of roofing membrane and materials required for the work. Moreover, it is important to know and to respond to the regulations in place in your district or municipality in relation to the SRI number required of the roofing membrane. Once the analysis of your needs is completed, you can speak with an experienced roofer to make sure of the following:

  • Quality and type of roofing membrane
  • Durability and warranty components
  • Longevity and installation compliance

Your decision should also take any future projects into account to anticipate how they may affect the roofing system. For example, if you are planning an addition to the building, select a system that will facilitate the additional components and accessories on the roof. This way, your investment will last longer and will respond to both your short- and long-term needs.


TPO Membrane


EPDM membrane


Elastomere membrane

Get Good Advice

There are several systems for flat roofs, such as TPO, PVC, EPDM, elastomer membrane, as well as asphalt and gravel. Each system includes categories that are appropriate for different uses. You can speak with our technical consultants to confirm if a particular covering is suitable for your building. Their extensive knowledge of different roofing systems allows you to get the best advice regarding your investment.

Flat roofs require strong expertise in methods of installation of the selected roofing membrane. Proper work optimizes the covering longevity and protects your investment. Otherwise, the wrong membrane may not meet the requirements of manufacturers or their warranties. Our workers hold manufacturers' accreditations that certify the quality of our work for both residential and commercial flat roofs. If you plan to change your flat-roof covering, our technical consultants will inform you about the options for fixing the membrane, such as the mechanically-fastened, the cap-sheet, or ballasted systems. You will have all the information necessary to make the best choice.

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