What are the factors to consider when choosing a roof pitch?

Whether for a new building or roof renovations, choosing a roof pitch should be done carefully. You should always consider existing standards and regulations to determine the appropriate pitch.

Here is some advice from our experts to help you choose the right roof pitch for your construction project.

What is a roof pitch?

Did you know that even flat roofs have a slight slope? Adding a slope on a flat roof efficiently drains off rainwater and snowmelt.

A building is generally considered to have a pitched roof when the slope is greater than or equal to 2:12 or 16.7%.

Why choose a pitched roof?

It is important to understand the implications of building a roof with varying degrees of slope before determining the pitch of your future roof.

Water can drain more easily with a greater pitch degree, preventing moisture and tree debris like branches from accumulating on your roof and causing damages. Beyond the technical aspects, steep pitched roofs also offer more space for an attic.

On the other hand, maintenance costs of steep pitched roofs are often higher because these are not as easy or safe to access during sloped roof inspections or maintenance. The cost of new sloping roofs is also higher because the greater the angle is, the larger the surface area will be.

Roof pitch standards and regulations

If your roof covering has already been chosen, you should keep in mind that not all materials are suitable for any type of pitched roof. If the slope is too shallow, some materials won’t be as effective and sloped roof leaking will be more likely.

For example, wood shingles require a sloped roof with a minimum ratio of 1:4.

The necessary pitch degree will therefore depend on the characteristics of your roof, as seen in chart of the National Building Code:

table of the National Building Code for roof slopes

Some boroughs also have specific requirements that you must comply with. These can vary depending on the type of roof and building (heritage, commercial, etc.).

Contact Les Couvreurs Duro-Toit to choose the right roof pitch

In conclusion, choosing the right roof pitch requires careful attention to every detail. The efficiency and compliance of your new roof depends on it.

Contacting a sloped roof specialist for advice can be a good idea. The experts at Les Couvreurs Duro-Toit are qualified to answer any of your questions and help you with your projects.


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