Condominium roof renovation and repair is an example of collaborative property management. There are many questions that need answering when replacing a shared roof: how to find the right roofers, when to do the repairs, how to plan a budget, figuring out what type of repairs to do, and so on.

If you’re thinking of re-roofing your building, we can help! Montreal roofers present a comprehensive list of factors to consider at your next meeting of the syndicate, so that you can accomplish a successful condominium roof renovation.

What does condominium roof renovation involve?

Replacing a shared roof means completely or partially renewing the roofing of a building owned by several co-owners.

In the context of co-ownership, the building roof is considered a shared part of the building, which means that the maintenance and renovation of the roof are the collective responsibility of the co-owners, organized within the syndicate of co-owners. The aim of condo re-roofing is to restore the roof’s waterproofing, insulation and durability, thus preserving the integrity of the building as a whole.

When is it time to re-roof your condominium?

Knowing when to undertake condominium roof renovation is an important decision which has an impact on the entire building’s lifespan. There are several signs that it might be time to take action and renovate the roof:

  • Water infiltration
  • Moisture stains on the ceiling
  • Missing or damaged tiles or shingles
  • Visible wear of roofing membrane
  • Thermal insulation problems.

If repairing and maintaining your roof is no longer enough, it may be time for a complete overhaul. After all, a roof’s lifespan is not infinite. If this is the case for your condominium building, put your trust in certified roofers.

Seasonal and weather considerations

Choosing the best time to undertake a condominium roof renovation involves taking seasonal and weather considerations into account.

In general, spring and summer are times of year where the weather is favorable for this type of work. It’s best to avoid doing roof repairs in the winter, when coping with extreme cold and heavy snow can add to the cost of the project.

Collaborative planning to avoid costly emergencies

Condominium roof renovation is a major project that requires careful planning and close collaboration between the syndicate of co-owners, the co-owners and your chosen construction professionals.

Rather than waiting to react to problems once they become urgent, take a proactive approach and establish a condominium roof renovation schedule based on signs of wear and tear, the age of the roof and the financial forecasts of the condo contingency fund.

By involving all stakeholders early in the planning process, you avoid costly emergencies, delays and unexpected disruptions.

Condo roof maintenance

Whether you’re a concerned condominium owner or a board member, understanding how roof maintenance works in a condominium will bring you one step closer to ensuring a safe and comfortable building for all residents.

Distinction between “shared common areas” and “private areas”

In a condominium, some building elements are shared by all co-owners, including corridors, staircases and the roof. Private areas, on the other hand, refer to the individual elements owned exclusively by each co-owner, including balconies, parking spaces and windows.

Maintenance responsibilities of the condo syndicate of co-owners

According to the Civil Code of Quebec, the condo syndicate is legally responsible for maintaining shared common areas, including the roof. This responsibility includes planning, organizing and supervising all repair and maintenance work on the roof.

However, co-owners also have maintenance responsibilities, which include maintaining and repairing their individual sections, such as units, windows, balconies etc.

Authorizing the work

Authorization to do condominium roof renovation must first be granted by the syndicate. The syndicate is generally made up of the assembly of co-owners and a Board of Directors. Each member’s decision-making power is proportional to their relative value in the co-op. For this reason, it is necessary to consider all the possible consequences that condominium roof renovation could have on both the condominium and its occupants.

To get approval for the work, consult the various members of the syndicate and set dates that suit as many people as possible. Once the general points have been discussed, a majority vote will determine the final decision.

Formalities and updates to the registration

The Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring compliance with building standards and regulations when the time comes for condominium roof renovations. The board is also responsible for managing financing, choosing professional roofers, negotiating and coordinating the work, and communicating with individuals on-site.

The board will also be responsible for ensuring the safety of all residents, and the integrity of the building. Any changes or modifications, including those required for roof maintenance, will have to be updated in the condo register, where applicable.

Finally, every aspect of the planning and execution of the work may be subject to change, according to the specifics of the deed of incorporation, the building by-laws and the description of the fractions (ownership rights).

Contingency condo fund

To finance condominium roof renovations and other major expenses, the syndicate of co-owners usually creates and manages a contingency fund. This fund is fed by monthly condominium fees paid by all co-owners.

Condo fees are calculated on the basis of various factors, including the estimated cost of major repairs and replacement of shared common areas. The syndicate of co-owners generally uses a predictive evaluation to estimate future costs for re-roofing and other necessary work.

The funds collected through condominium fees are then paid into the contingency fund to cover future expenses related to shared maintenance responsibilities.

Spending and financial planning

Whether you’ve been a co-owner for years or are new to this type of shared property, you pay what are commonly known as “condo fees” every month. This monthly charge usually covers all operating expenses, as well as your contribution to the residence’s contingency fund. As the building’s roof is considered a shared common area, this is the fund that will be used to finance condominium roof renovations.

If the condo fund is not sufficient to cover all the work, additional billing costs will be divided according to the value of each member’s private portion in relation to the total value of all the private portions of the property.

To save costs, it is never recommended to rely on friends or relatives to do roof repairs. Instead, call on experts to do condominium roof renovations and be sure to get several quotes so that you can compare possible contracts. This is the best way to get a good price without compromising on the quality of the work or the safety of the site. Remember, condominium roof renovations should never be carried out by amateurs.

Choose long-lasting, high quality condominium roof renovations from Duro-Toit

Condominium roof renovation is a complex process that requires meticulous planning and close collaboration between condo co-owners and the condo syndicate.

If you’re looking for condominium roof maintenance and repair experts, trust Duro-Toit. We have extensive expertise and commitment to quality, making us an ideal partner to ensure a durable, safe condominium roof repair that will maintain the value of your shared building.

When you choose Duro-Toit, you’re choosing a professional team that knows how to meet the specific needs of shared buildings. We’ll do everything in our power to deliver exceptional results. Contact our team to find out more about our roofing services.

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